!!!This Game uses GLES3, so you won't be able to play it on Safari or Edge!!!

This game is over when you either cook the salmon by throwing in too many logs or your fire goes out by throwing in too few logs.

Press Space/Leftclick to toss a log into the campfire.

Tip: The Ember has three lit states:

Try keeping it on orange-red and orange-yellow

This was my first time using Godot, so please don't expect much. There is no sound because I couldn't find any free ember sounds.


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Cool Game idea nice Work! Just one question is there an end because I have been sitting here for 10 minutes tring.

o no! ther is no end... just an endless runner

Ah ok, but Still nice Game :D

Your first Godot game is much more impressive than mine.  The log toss anim and the fire particles are solid.  The idea is fun too.  Nice!